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Facial Telangiectasia

The Excel V laser is designed to treat telangiectasias – distinct, dilated blood vessels that range from 0.1 to 1 mm in diameter. While they most often do not present a medical issue, they do create a cosmetic concern particularly when they appear on the face. Common areas where they appear include around the nose and on the cheeks and chin.

Telangiectasia can appear due to both genetic predisposition as well as environmental factors. Common environmental causes include chronic sun exposure, physical stress, and alcohol use.

How the Excel V Laser Can Help


While sclerotherapy is an option for telangiectasias that appear on the leg, laser treatment is the preferred choice for facial telangiectasias. In laser treatment, the vessel is heated by the laser light, damaging and destroying the vessel. Small vessels can disappear immediately after just one treatment, while large vessels may require multiple treatments with the vein gradually dissolving over time after being heated and sealed by the laser light.

The Excel V laser offers effective treatment of facial telangiectasia through a unique high-energy, short pulse 532 nm option, one of three laser modes that provide incredible versatility.

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